What do I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

This was late lunch yesterday at work. While I am sharing nothing new here as I ate my mini egg pie which I already shared with you how to make and my regular brewed coffee, the message I want to share here is what I learned in this way of eating in terms of what to eat and when. In this way of eating, breakfast does not always have to be bread and eaten early in the morning. Or lunch does not have to be to rice or savory dishes and at noon and same with dinner at 6 or 7pm. You can actually skip any or all of them. In other words, don’t eat when you’re not hungry and fortunately, this low carb high fat diet has made me feel full longer and satisfied therefore I don’t get hungry all the time. This is the reason why I sometimes eat my breakfast at lunch, my lunch at late afternoon or just have snack or very little intake at dinner. This is very different from what we were taught that meals have to be on schedule and that you should eat often but in portions. This way of eating allows you to fast for longer period of time. And fasting helps in faster production of ketones which triggers burning of fat in your body for energy resulting to weight loss. Fasting can result to detoxification, rebooting of your immune system and regeneration of cells. So don’t worry about what to eat and when. Go eat your salad for breakfast or your keto bread and eggs for dinner!

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