Keto Mojito

Is alcohol ok while on Keto? Alcohol is not very encouraged in Keto as it slows down burning process of fat in our body therefore slows down weight loss. But we can once is a while as long as it is a low carb option and no sugar.

I normally go for no color liquor and mix it with no sugar soda water. So Mojito is my go to liquor. When I go to bars, this is what I order all the time and I ask the bar to substitute sweetened soda with no sugar.

Last night, I had good friends come over the house for some drinks and thought I would made my own Mojito. So I tried and I think it was good enough. I didn’t have lime so I substituted with calamansi. I first filled my glass with ice then I put some mint leaves then squeezed calamansi. I then poured one small bottle of Bacardi white rhum and lastly added half can soda water. I had two glasses! Sure had a fun night!

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