Chicken Mami

Update: April 12, 2018

Chicken Mami is a favorite in our house so we are having it again after 2 months. In my February post, it was a noodle less mami. But this time, it is a real mami! I put some noodles using Skinny Carbs. So comforting!

Original post: February 8, 2018

Last night’s dinner at home is chicken mami. My daughter has been requesting it for some time and finally I was able to put it in the family meal plan for the week. Looks a lot of work to prepare with several ingredients and you have to prepare each one separately. But the effort is worth it as the chicken broth is so comforting. We like putting together the mami ourselves in our individual bowl so we serve it in our dining table in deconstructed version. For keto option, I just skipped the noodles. Or you can use any keto approved noodles like Skinny carbs which is made from konjac plant. I buy mine from Connie’s kitchen. Yum!


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