Keto Brownies

I have been wanting to bake this keto brownie recipe I found as it is claiming to be dense and fudgy. So I finally found time last night and I agree! It is chocolatey and fudgy. I have to admit that keto versions of baked goodies don’t come out exactly as the original ones but this one is close. Plus the fact that this uses coconut flour which is my choice of flour for baking because of its affordability. And it doesn’t taste coconut at all. I think the baking chocolate, cocoa and lots of butter masked the coconut taste. I only put half of the sweetener required in the recipe as my sweet taste bud is so heightened so I managed the sweetness. It turned out just right for me and the chocolate taste is on the dark side which I really like. Overall, I give this recipe 4 stars!

Recipe: Keto Brownies

Sorry that I missed to take pictures for some of the steps. I was so excited and having too much fun.

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