Eating To My Heart’s Content

These 2 plates are from dinner last night from a get together at my friend’s house. Please excuse the 2nd plate as I used the first plate for my 2nd serving. I actually had a 3rd serving but the plate is not presentable anymore. Haha! That’s how much I ate but I don’t feel guilty at all. The benefit of being fat adapted (after a long time of being on low carb and high fat diet) meaning when you burn fat for energy is you don’t store much fats in your body. I am already at the point that I eat to my heart’s content (low carb stilll) and not gain weight. And because I am on a high fat diet, I don’t get hungry much throughout the day so I don’t really binge. You can get to this state at some point or faster if you stay true to your diet and don’t cheat.


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