Daing na Bangus and Garlic Spinach

Today being a Lent Friday, dinner is Daing na Bangus and Garlic Spinach. Bangus like any other fish is zero carb. The belly part is also a very good fat source. So it’s a perfect Keto Lent food. Spinach on the other hand has carbs but very low carb and low calorie. Perfect rice replacement for those trying to lose a lot of weight. A bag of spinach actually has only 30 calories so you can eat as much as you can but still stay low calorie. But the best thing about spinach is that it is a good source of potassium which is needed more while on keto or low carb diet. When on low carb, water retention is very low because carbs require lots of water to process. If you stay low carb, your body will not retain water so electrolytes will be flushed out. So you need more potassium, magnesium and sodium. Do you know that spinach actually has more potassium than banana which is high carb high sugar fruit? Yep! That’s right. So go get that spinach this weekend on your grocery trip and skip the banana.


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