Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Last night was the very first time I had a full course Keto dinner – from appetizer, main course to dessert and coffee! Hubby and I actually went to Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico to attend a dedication and reception which tuned out to be cancelled. Rather than have negative feelings about it, we thought why not have a dinner date which we have been planning to do anyway for a long time. Glad I remembered this keto restaurant in Quezon City from some friends’ post in FB.

It was not difficult to find Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe as it has a big sign that can be seen from the road. And you would be sure it’s the one you are looking for because the sign says keto store and deli.

First we ordered Decosntructed Chorizo Fundido and Salted Egg Pork for appetizer. They are so yummy! It goes well with the dry white wine we got. People on keto can have alcohol once in a while. For wines, dry wine is your best bet as they are low in sugar.

For main course, we ordered keto Palabok. They used shiratake noodles which is the same I use when I make pasta at home. Shiratake noodles are made from konjac plant. They are very low calorie and low carb. We really enjoyed this dish. The sauce is made of crab fat meat. Yum!

For dessert, we ordered keto Cinnamon Roll and keto vanilla ice cream. The cinnamon roll was heaven! You wouldn’t know it’s keto. It tasted like a regular Cinnamon Roll. We ordered another one after we finished our first. That’s how good it is. The vanilla ice cream is a bit sweet for me but very good as well. We paired it with coffee and of course mine is bulletproof coffee which is brewed coffee with MCT oil and butter. Best dessert I had in a long time in a restaurant!

Overall, it was a very good keto experience! But what I really like the most about this restaurant is that they are a social enterprise. 30% of their workforce are adults with special needs but very well trained. Make this your next restaurant visit and your tummy and heart will be filled with joy.


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