UCC Clockwork

If you follow my blog and FB page, you knew that I always go to Starbucks for coffee whenever I am out. The reason being it is the only coffee shop that has unsweetened heavy cream which they allow you to add to your coffee at minimal cost. I have tried other coffee shops and they only have sweetened heavy cream. Just in case you missed my post on how I order my low carb/keto coffee from Starbucks, you can check it out under dining out category in the blog menu.

But yesterday, I opted to go to UCC Clockwork at Estancia for coffee. My hubby and I were choosing for a coffee shop where we can do our yearly planning (we are actually kinda late in the year) and I thought that UCC would be quieter than Starbucks in Capitol Commons. And no, they don’t have unsweetened heavy cream BUT and that’s a big but, they have bulletproof coffee! If you are not familiar with bulletproof coffee, it is brewed coffee with butter and coconut oil (MCT oil strictly speaking). And it so keto and known to give you energy. So yes, UCC has bulletproof coffee and they confirmed to me that it is coffee with butter and coconut oil. You just have to tell them that you don’t like sweetener when ordering because it goes with honey on a regular order. And the taste? I liked it! It is so creamy and blended very well. You wouldn’t feel the oiliness of the butter and coconut oil.


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