How to extend shelf life of coconut milk

I’m glad I got this this idea from one of the blogs I read. I am always hesitant to buy coconut milk that I won’t use in one go. So the other night, I tried freezing the canned coconut milk I bought using ice cube maker. They froze very well. I actually used 6 cubes which I measured to be 1/4 cup when I prepared my noatmeal last night and the taste is the same when thawed and warmed up in the morning.

Planning to try this method using fresh coconut milk. Should taste better!

Noatmeal recipe in breakfast tab in menu.


2 thoughts on “How to extend shelf life of coconut milk

    1. Yes you can! There are different versions of BPC some also add MCT oil or regular coconut oil. Some also add butter. But the key is to blend it in a blender. I read somewhere that blending it makes it more effective in giving you more energy. 😊 It also taste better that way.


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