Keto Buns

Good morning! I thought I would wait for Easter to publish a post after my self imposed Holy Week blogging break. But this morning’s breakfast would be the last piece of my Keto Bun so I’m back! I made some keto burger patties last weekend and I didn’t have a ready bun to go with it. So I thought I would try a keto bun recipe and see if I would like it. This is similar recipe to the keto pandesal I shared before which has psyllium husk but this time it has flax seed meal (I make my own by grinding flax seed using a food processor). It still has that gummy feel from the psyllium husk which can bother some but much lesser gummy feel than the keto pandesal recipe. I am going to tweak this recipe to reduce the psyllium husk and add more flax seed meal to reduce the gummy feel. I will update you when I do that. But it’s still a good breakfast bread. I have eaten it with keto friendly peanut butter, cheese and today with eggs.

Recipe: Keto Bun


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