Pesang Maya Maya

Every week, we try to have at least one fish dish in our dinner menu and one dish with lots of broth. So last night’s dinner met both requirement. Pesa is like Tinola and Nilaga combined to us but instead of chicken or beef, we use fish. I find this dish to be very clean as long as you use a fresh fish which in this case we used Maya Maya. For veggies, we always put Pechay. This dish is so comforting because of the ginger. Here’s how we made it.

Sauté garlic, onion and ginger. Add patis/fish sauce. Add water for the broth and let it boil. Put Maya Maya in boiling broth. When half cooked add salt to taste then add pechay. Fish and veggie should not take a long time to cook. Serve while hot!


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